Most Read Books of all Time

Here are the best selling books of all time. The best selling books are for entertainment or helpful information for us.

The Bible is the number one Best sold book in the world. There is no other book that surpasses the rank of this book, may it be a novel or any book that is recorded by the most famous artist. It is because almost three billion Christians have bought Bible for themselves plus the copies that Bible printing press produce yearly that is more than 200 million books.

Da Vinci Code. This book written by Dan Brown is one of the most famous novel written in the 21st century. In this book are some Catholic doctrines in it and some mythical testimony about the Bible

Harry Potter. No wonder this book is so widely known to all over the world for its mysterious plot. To this very day, people are still following this book waiting for the next volume or chapter of the book. This is why it is best selling.

Vampire Knight. This is a manga story that is so famous of all the time in the history of manga. In fact, manga is spreading all over the world.

The Lord of the Rings. Even in online reading, this book receives may traffic and the fantasy of this story is never forgotten by readers so they read again and again this book.

The Tale of Two  Cities. This is one of the most amazing story in this time because of it it very thrilling.