Importance of Reading Books

Why is it important to read books? Of course not all read books but there are so many people who really read so much. Some people read only a specific kind and some read all kinds of books.

People have their own preference in reading too.  The reason why books or reading is important is that we can learn many things that we haven’t learned if we look into it. Reading is something that revives the brain.

According to research, humans who read books even in the senior age live longer than those that are not. This is because reading makes the brain healthy. This makes possible for the brain to be healthy and live longer than usual. Reading is like exercise of the mind to work and stay healthy.

Of course, reading is to gain more knowledge because without reading, we will become novice, not being able to know what is happening in the world. Those who are studying, if there is no book to read, how can learn well. The internet is not enough to learn something.

Authors have made effort to publish a book for others to read so it is very natural that humans should read books. Books are the trustworthy information that we can find. Books are just piled up in a shelf in a library or even in a house. The books that we have to read first are the most important ones. After this, we can read books that we can read. Reading makes us physically, mentally and emotionally strong.